Old sectional garage removal

February 2020 – work started for the removal of the old sectional garage. Site clearance and old base removal ready for a new double garage to follow..

Moving the old electrics

29th January 2020 – The very old electric meters and fuse box needed to be upgraded and moved before the side extension was due to be demolished. Electricity board had to carry out emergency works to get us re-connected. Hot gloving was used which was quite a thing to watch..

Although all this was done – the electric meter installation was delayed so no power until 10pm – but the log burner kept us warm, kettle boiled and eggs fried for sandwiches..

More water under the conservatory floor

January 2020. When we purchased the house it was briefly mentioned that there was an old well under the conservatory floor at the back of the house. What we did not know was that it was full of water.

After pumping it out we found at this was a 6ft wide x 6ft deep rain water storage for the old wash house. It was filling from another old borehole which was leaking and should have been diverted into the ditch on the other side of the road. This often blocked and overflowed into this underground store. Which then subsequently overflowed into the surrounding ground.

This – together with the old running borehole seemed to be the cause of the water problems at the back of the house. Well we were hoping so..

Water, water everywhere

September 2019. Our next job was to find the borehole which supplied the house, annex and campsite. We knew we had problems out the back of the house with water but did not expect this hole to keep filling with water!! There seemed to be no actual leakage from the borehole – but where was the water coming from?